Adventurous start…

Hi, I am Jency. I am new to blogging. Thank you for your patience and time.I am here to share my story, about my life and how my experiences have helped me better understand myself. I am hoping to touch someone’s 💓 or strike a chord somewhere, for many go through different struggles in their life. Kindly excuse me for English grammar,also some words that would be totally made up by a weirdly wired me.

I am floating in my mother’s womb, happy and peaceful when suddenly I feel my cozy little home shaken and before I could wonder what happened, I went into a sleep. My mother accidently fell off her bike while going for duty, she too became unconscious. Both of us fought it hard in the hospital , eventually we felt alive again. It was time for me to see the new world and out I came. I was under observation and Doc said ‘Hey, don’t worry. She is well. She is a fighter.’ Honestly I thought the worst is over however least did I know this was just a kick start to my challenging life ahead.

Months went by ,years went by gracefully….then came another challenge. CSA at around ten years of age. I wondered was it right or wrong?, what am I supposed to do next?, Do I really mention it?, Will I be laughed at? Questions jogged around my racing mind . Finally I grew the courage ,went upto my parents and mentioned how a trustworthy elder did something weird to me. They were hurt and I could see it in their eyes. Since then we formed a different bond of fighting our battles together. We took the necessary step and fought out in whatever way possible. So my life moved on, playful childhood, happy adventurous games with my elder brother, missing my dad since he would be posted from places to places and being cared for by my mother.

School had a different take on me. I enjoyed it until I hit puberty where all of a sudden everything changed. I was an active student, taking part in extra-curricular activities and average at studies. I had friends but I always felt different or that I didn’t fit in. All through this there was one close friend of mine who always made me feel at ease. She was a tomboy like me. We had our crazy chats and felt so much at ease. I could be myself with her. When I was with her I didn’t have to be all polished,poised and gentle or picky with words. With her I was this unpolished, naughty ,crazy at 💓 girl who could speak out without a second thought and laugh out so loud. I’m glad I had found her. Hope all find that one or few friends with whom they can be themselves.

With this I would like to stop. Until next time, love yourself and laugh your 💓 out.






Published by @jen

I'm expressive, loving-caring, brutally honest, gulper-gobbler, love food, love to teach, love children, crazy at mind and at heart. Welcome to a weirdly-wired me. Hope you have a pleasant day.😘

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