Phase 4- time to fly free

I was fortunate to get a chance to start graduation around my mid-20s. First year, I felt out of place. Sitting among students younger than me. I was sitting in this class of Psychology and observed two students dressed in blue colored sari. It was like a uniform. They were nuns who had also enrolled for Psychology. I looked at them and they gave me this warm welcoming smile. I felt an instant connect. Then I looked around and found other group of students who were chit-chatting in the middle of the lecture and they gave me this naughty smile. I smiled back remembering my old college days. So after sometime the lecture ended and we all introduced each other , in the hope that some of us would become good friends , some friends for notes and some just to hang out in the college campus. The nuns and I shared a different understanding . We found out that all 3 of us were of the same age. We were glad to have found each other.

In the coming years soon we found another friend. She was younger to us, however her maturity was different than the others. She connected well with us. So eventually all 4 of us became the group that would always hang out together. These 3 friends of mine would always be punctual for lectures. Our lectures would begin by 7.30am and my dear friends would come from far on time whereas I , who was staying just behind the college campus, would wake up late and walk in the middle of 3rd-4th lecture. Sometimes my young friend would tease me saying “Jen, you would have might as well stayed at home, we just have 2 more lectures to go.” We would have a hearty laugh.

Learning Psychology with them was fun. We would enjoy our practicals attend lectures and have tiffins together. We would have our study time together in the campus ,the library and also in our practical lab. What I especially remember is the beautiful green big campus. There was a playground in the middle of it and boys would play football. Then as we walk ahead there was a basketball ground and boys and girls playing basketball. Next comes Sameer ki chai, this was one place where we would gather and have as many of those small tea cups and lighten our day, gossip and also copy down notes ,etc. I would love wearing civils everyday, getting dressed in my favourite tops and skirts/jeans, shine up my hair, leave it open free-flowing…………whereas now in my 30s I hate dressing up and hair………well it’s a short pixie cut….hehehe.

I enjoyed making notes. So even though I would skip the lectures I would update myself, go back home and make my own personal notes. (I would always desire making notes like this in future and teach my students.) I enjoyed studying and also participating in various college programs, NSS-camps, dance shows,etc. . I used it to distract myself from the painful separation and divorce that was simultaneously moving on. So basically as I passed my grad with distinction I also passed my divorce phase with flying colors.

I consider myself fortunate to be able to get out of a marriage that drained me off my peaceful energy. It was a tough battle fought well because I had the right army beside me and this gift from above- boldness. It takes a lot of courage to rip yourself apart from a marriage where you are being treated like an object of satisfication. My army at that point consisted of my family, loved ones, a special childhood friend of mine and 2 of my dear to heart, school buddies and ofcourse my college life.

What I understood out of all my turbulence in life that no matter how busy we get, trekking up our mountain of goals, we must always pause, take time to cherish and love the army that always stands beside us because wherever we reach they have a major role in pulling us up from a dark pit, pushing us out of our comfort zone and also celebrating our success.

Signing off until next time….@jen

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I'm expressive, loving-caring, brutally honest, gulper-gobbler, love food, love to teach, love children, crazy at mind and at heart. Welcome to a weirdly-wired me. Hope you have a pleasant day.😘

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