Phase 5- Move on

So it is 2010…. I am walking with my cousin , both of us were drinking a clear water like drink from a small bisleri bottle. When asked by our parents, we said “we are going for a short walk ,u see we may feel thirsty”. This was just an excuse to sip on vodka+sprite without interruptions. We enjoyed our walk with talk. That’s when I get a call on my, not a smartphone😊…. I answer it and it was my family friend. That same guy who was my good friend back in 2002 and who said our wavelengths didn’t match 😉. Well we spoke all about how we are doing, how is our family doing, etc. Then he says ‘hey, I didn’t expect you to answer my call since you hadn’t accepted my friend request online’… I said ‘about request well didn’t feel like it back then, about today, dude I’m high on bisleri😂’…..we laughed it out.

So that was the short call for that day. From there on we spoke once in a while, then almost everyday. I told him all about my turmoils in the past and he shared his. We became comfortable talking with eachother. What was truly comforting was that we were at ease with our vulnerabilities. We could speak about anything and everything. We didn’t have to think twice. What interested us both, is that how we have changed over the years from 2002-2010. I had become bold and adventurous with all my turmoils. He was this patient and chilled out guy. We became awesome friends.

Then began our journey….. I would go for my evening walks to M.G. road and if he was done with his work shift by then, he would walk alongwith me. Those walks were amazing. We would sometimes walk off to the St.Xaviers church nearby…and he would walk me home. There was one thing I really fell in love with, his bike. Yamaha-FZ…..awww😍. So there came a day when I sat on that adorable bike and he took me for a ride.

Now this guy is riding slowly carefully….and I was getting irritated….I said ‘listen I feel I’ll walk faster than this pace’ …. that’s it after that he took me a ride that still remains with me ….that beautiful rush in my 💓, those twisty turns and the way he would bend with the bike while I bend alongwith them too….it was like we 3 were a good team…ooohh the brush of breeze through my hair and the butterfly feeling in my tummy and the grip on his shoulders. Awwww…so nostalgic. I was thrilled and satisfied. A brilliant bike and an awesome rider. That day I was on cloud 9. By the way , I wonder why we say cloud 9 why not 10….well whatever…. I feel my message is conveyed and understood. 😉

This story will unfold in bits and pieces. Until then, stay smiling and enjoy your little lovely moments.


Published by @jen

I'm expressive, loving-caring, brutally honest, gulper-gobbler, love food, love to teach, love children, crazy at mind and at heart. Welcome to a weirdly-wired me. Hope you have a pleasant day.😘

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