28/03/2018#Outing with niece

A wonderful evening I spent with my little darling….Joana and Julia. They are my brothers daughters. Joana is 7years old and Julia 4months old. It was my first outing with Julia. Since my struggling days with disc prolapse I enjoy home-making and travelling less. So this short evening trip was to Just Casuals almost 5kms from where I stay. We booked a cab and went and shopped for comfy cotton clothes. After that we went to Coffee Jar …..Now here Julia my youngest niece started showing off her tantrums…she didn’t want the bottle milk so she began to cry…we quickly tried to finish our chocolate pastry and cold coffee….Joana , ordered fiery chicken but when she began eating it, that’s when she realised what fiery chicken sandwich really meant….she said hmmm tasty but spicy….so one hand sandwich and the other pastry…. spicy then sweet ,spicy then sweet….lol

Well time passed by, Julia calmed down once we were in the cab back home. On the way back, we were stuck in a long traffic jam. My dear niece Joana says we would have reached faster by rick. All of us looked at her and said dear that’s a rick stuck right in front of us in the same traffic. Hehehe…we laughed…

Now came the time when Joana was wondering what to do, she took her mom’s phone and started playing games. I put my front seat back to completely lie down due to my back pain. My sister-in-law and me were chatting along. We were wondering how long back we would be looking at all the scenery, observing the people ,shops nearby, and I specifically remember drooling and sleeping off in the rickshaw. Those sleeps during journeys had it’s own rejuvenating experience, don’t u think?. Times have changed…people are getting busier and impatient. However there were few who would take this time to talk with eachother. The ones alone would be lost in thought about life probably. A mother started having a conversation with her kid who stood in front of her bike. The others had this frustrated long face. I can’t blame them, they might be in a hurry, tired, some even an emergency….etc.

But next time you are stuck in traffic reflect upon your life or probably pen down thoughts, listen to audio stories, talk to the one beside you or even focus on abdominal breathing(it calms our anxious nerves)….or else keep few chores left to do(pay bills online, to do task,etc).

Hope you all have a different perspective next time you get stuck in traffic.

Stay blessed and loved.



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I'm expressive, loving-caring, brutally honest, gulper-gobbler, love food, love to teach, love children, crazy at mind and at heart. Welcome to a weirdly-wired me. Hope you have a pleasant day.😘

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