Moments @ Dorabjees, Pune

Today Monday the 2nd of April, 2018….my cousin Sony and my niece Joana…..we travelled by rick to this exciting place called Dorabjees. It is a shopping mall, it has everything that you need and also the fancy stuffs…First the rick ride was awesome. My niece loves travelling by rick. It feels nice when the breeze flows through your hair, brushes your face, the cars and bikes passing by whoosh….and the feeling of travelling in the open air……so we reached the place. We love chocolate so we went into the fancy choco section and oh my goodness….I wish I had the appetite to have them all. They had all types of chocolates from milky to 54% dark ones…….Lindt in special flavours. Joana is a fan of jelly kind sweets so she went to those shelves. She selected her favourites. Sony moved onto dark chocolate shelf. She is gonna try a chilli and cinnamon flavoured one. I got my MORDE chocolate compound in order to make chocolates at home in my favourite molds. Well nice of Sony to finally say ‘gals let us get out of here or else we will land up buying only chocolates’ lol……she was right. Then we travelled to the first floor……..Now started the fun for Joana. She became so excited with the number of shelves ..she went on talking yippity-yapping and my head began to ache……..I cdn’t focus on what was I looking for in the first place and by the time I get to it in my weirdly wired brain……Joana would come up with another question… what is it exactly you are looking for? what does it look like? which shelf would it be in? I was like aaaaarrrggghhhh I myself have forgotten what am I looking for? hehehehhe……though I didn’t yell at her. I kept it to myself until the end where after minutes of yippity yapping she corrected me saying hello it’s not 200 rupees it is 225 rupees…..Oh my goodness……children can be so innocent. She was technically right. I was emotionally charged up…….However my dear niece understood it when I raised my whispering voice and said that’s it Joana……..well you all might feel so bad…….but that’s my niece…..she went ahead and said cmon what I said was right. That’s when I gave up and moved ahead to buy other things. Well Joana selected a beautiful handmade soap for herself. Green tea smell……..It had a refreshing smell……So nowadays there are many products, many fragrances, etc. It is good but also confusing and for a person like me who hates shopping due to the selection process it’s overwhelming. However with  my cousin and nieces help I was able to cross over to the billing section. Here they said that no thick plastics nor cloth bags ma’am. I said oh……and we went ahead carrying the it in our hands…each had many things to hold….it was fun. Our trip back was again in a rick. All 3 of us enjoyed a lot. We also immediately applied the body butter that Sony had bought…..we just waited for it to get billed. hehehhe

Well then rest in the afternoon and by evening my dear little nieces Joana and Julia and my sister-in-law Jisha…….went to Gujarat. Now I sit here in front of this laptop in a house that is silent. Do I miss her yippity yapping…..yes I do. Do I miss my 4 month old in my hands playing with me, yes I do. Don’t we all miss it when it ain’t with us. Humans are moulded that way. All we can do is cherish every moment to the fullest. For today when I look back I am glad I lived those moments to the best possible. Fill your day with all the emotions possible for they are a precious part of you.

Stay blessed and bubbly, my dear readers.





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I'm expressive, loving-caring, brutally honest, gulper-gobbler, love food, love to teach, love children, crazy at mind and at heart. Welcome to a weirdly-wired me. Hope you have a pleasant day.😘

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