Date with myself#6th April 2018

It was the day when I was feeling gloomy over how love keeps slipping out of my hand no matter how hard I try..however I decided not to stay at home worrying about it. Rather I decided to take myself on a small trip.. I packed my bag with my wallet, mobile phone, moisturizer and SOS medicine in case of an anxiety panic attack. I booked myself a ticket to a movie called Hitchki…..which has one of my favourite actress , Rani Mukherjee. I booked a royal recliner seat since I had my disc prolapse to be taken care of. So off I went ahead and got ready and then booked myself a cab to Inox: Royal Heritage Dorabjees Mall @ Undri, Pune. Cab arrived and I lied down at the back seat ,for travelling causes me more back problems. The driver was gently driving and we reached the destination on time. Then I took my ticket. What I really felt nice about is that almost at every junction where I land up meeting the service staff, they wish you Namaste with a smile. That felt nice. It was around 12ish. Time for my lunch so I ordered samosa and cold coffee….and slowly but steadily climbed to my royal recliner seat and began munching and watching. It was fun and peaceful to be alone. I watched the movie lying down which helped me not hurt my back. Movie was refreshing, inspiring and good. It is based on a person who battled with Tourette’s syndrome and become a teacher and went ahead to be a Principal. This movie is mostly based on Brad Cohen’s life as an inspirational teacher in spite of his battle with Tourette syndrome. The children who acted in this have done an exceptional job and of course Rani and Neeraj Kabi. They were superb . I loved their acting. So the movie ended and I went ahead to explore this mall. Went to Pantaloons , Max, etc checked it out. It’s a beautifully designed mall. Anyone who visits Pune I would suggest to visit this place. I also suggest weekdays if possible for that is when the crowd is less. I prefer less crowd and spacious areas. 

Then I left from there by rick. I wanted to see how a rick ride would be for my back.. well honestly it ain’t good. One more thing what I learnt that I must sit in the centre to feel less jolts. I reached back home safely. So this was my trip. I would suggest to you all take yourself out for a trip. Do what you like , have an enjoyable time with self, and I truly mean less of gadgets and more of observing people around or maybe even chit-chatting with them. I did that and it felt nice. I still remember the little girl Pranjal I spoke to who wore the same uniform as my school(HUTCHINGS), then Akshaya who was sitting beside me having ice-cream and she guided me on the mall and also the rick guy who told me that LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES…….’Jo takhdeer mey likha hai wahi hotha hai’ ……which means your destiny plays a big role. He said the exact words that I had on my blog long back. LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES. I felt nice to hear that and talk with him. So that’s it my dear folks. Take care. Until next time, stay smiling.


Published by @jen

I'm expressive, loving-caring, brutally honest, gulper-gobbler, love food, love to teach, love children, crazy at mind and at heart. Welcome to a weirdly-wired me. Hope you have a pleasant day.😘

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