Moderately separated

(So my dear readers love is something that will fade but it is also something that gets ignited again. However in all this procedure of ups and downs if You feel exhausted and that, it is taking a real good chunk of your self-esteem or self-confidence then I’d say it’s better to respect and love yourself than go shredding your soul along a rocky relationship. So take a moment and think are you willing to adjust way too much or be happy with nurturing your own soul. You being sure of your commitment is more important.) 

This was how I ended my last blog. Since my last blog I have been struggling to keep my relationship alive. Has it been easy? No, not at all. I have come to the conclusion that my husband and I are best as friends. A moderately separated relationship is what suits us. What we cannot let go of, is our deep friendship that has been built over these 8 years of togetherness. Well there may come a time when this too shall fade away. 

April 30th 2018 marks the day when I finally allowed myself to be away from the stress that has been eating me . Separation hurts and it also causes lot of stress to the individuals undergoing it. I found it to be the best option. Be friends. That is it. I will cherish that until it fades away too. So marriage ain’t Albin’s nor my cup of tea. The sooner I settle my heart with this fact the sooner I will be at peace. Right now focus is on the DBT book . Yesterday I finished off chapter 4 on mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is an art of being aware as much as possible of the task at hand. Worries and thoughts will come but you need to cast away this thought cloud  away and focus back to the task. Mindfulness helps to calm your racing thoughts and also increase the strength of your focus. So I will continue to practice what I learnt in the book. More chapters from the book will be explained , if interested please do visit my blog again. Thank you.




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I'm expressive, loving-caring, brutally honest, gulper-gobbler, love food, love to teach, love children, crazy at mind and at heart. Welcome to a weirdly-wired me. Hope you have a pleasant day.😘

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