an entangled life

Confused of where my life is leading. My 10 o’clock cup of cold coffee gives me great company and while I sit beside my window mindfully enjoying every sip I thought to myself. It is time to move on. So I got inspired by Google to start drawing some beautiful designs. Here is the first batch.

This helped me focus on the present moment which is a part of the DBT book I was talking about. The book has various chapters. They talk about distraction and mindfulness. So ,for example, today when I was upset and looking for some inspiration I did this drawing. Here I get distracted from unnecessary wondering over my moderately separated days and mindfully enjoy filling in the color into each details. HereI have used brush pens. They are wonderful to use.

My separated days haven’t been great. I sulk and land up calling my husband coz deep down in my 💓 I still love him and then there are days when I feel absolutely free like a bird and land up drawing, cleaning, cooking etc. Do what You love and rest will follow. Hope I continue with this art work. Goodbye guys. Loads of love and hugs.