God will provide…

So it has been long since I have visited my blog. Dear readers , I was busy enjoying my life with some truly good friends. Yes, my married life is going through a tough phase………….8 years of togetherness (4 years dating + 4 years marriage) can bring in some amount of boredom, said my very good friend . So for now we both are kind of emotionally detached yet meet up to keep up our good old bond. However, while I go through this phase I met some good friends. What I cherish about them is that I feel like I belong with them. We all are bold enough to share our flaws talk about it and laugh at the silliest jokes possible. That is fun. So one day I went to this peaceful and relaxing centre of mine…….Sunil and Shalini’s house.

I met a child and her mum. The child , Zenna was enthusiastic and I adored her presence. I don’t have my own child however the time I spent with Zenna filled that emptiness. I made some designs on her hand which she liked however I know I could have done better. Her mum,Jiby a beautiful-brave soul . She is a teacher to many more kids like hers. Teacher is a nice profession to be connected with children and spend ample amount of time with them. She is also preparing for an entrance exam. What I admired about her is the courage with which she is handling her child, her job and studying to progress further in life. That requires lot of effort. So all the best to her for everything.

I met a guy named Charlie. What I liked about this friend was he made us laugh with all kinds of silly jokes. Also the time when Charlie and I were standing at the balcony and looking at the beautiful scenery outside. We spoke about our physical injuries and how tough it is to deal with life there after. So a knee surgery friend was talking to a back prolapsed friend. Yes, guys it’s a whole new story once you are physically injured. The true colours of your friends are revealed , also the ones whom you might have trusted all comes out. You come to know who are the ones who truly care for you and will stand by you when the storm of your life hits you. In that sense I am glad God provided me with my disc prolapse. It gave me a different perspective towards my life and also towards those people who suffer physically. Before this I was more empathetic towards people who suffered psychologically . I am glad I found this new perspective. I hope to counsel people in similar troublesome situations one day. Be their friend they need at that time. All in God’s hands. May His will be done.

With this prolapsed back I also received immense support from my family, my relatives and the good few chosen friends. I also made these new friends. I am glad I found them. They are a beautiful gift provided to me by my caretaker. So today’s blog is about how God provides us with what we need. Our wants maybe different. Of course , given a choice I would not choose this life for myself with a decade full of sufferings however God gave me all that I needed. There are times when I am unable to see it this way. But then my accountability (Shalini and Sunil) remind me ‘hey little fighter soon things will be brighter.’This is to all who are fighting their own battles…..God is providing and will provide all that you truly need to survive…….just use another pair of glasses and you will see it through. Lots of love, courage and hugs come your way.

Goodbye, @jen


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I'm expressive, loving-caring, brutally honest, gulper-gobbler, love food, love to teach, love children, crazy at mind and at heart. Welcome to a weirdly-wired me. Hope you have a pleasant day.😘

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