Life is good

So last month has been busy. Well I had my usual routine and would go out to visit Sunil-Shalini. There we had our tea with snacks. At times we would talk about our daily life or else play some games like Racko or Taboo, etc. Dear readers, when you are going through a separation remember to surround yourself with a routine of tasks that you love to do, friends whom you love to be with, family that is supportive and books or movies. So these are the things that are helping me survive my separation days.

So the painful and grief phase is kind of over. Now I am good friends with my husband, which is so beautiful. I really feel comfortable to find a friend in him and talk about my daily things and my life. Nothing to worry about what I speak, how I speak, etc. He is a very good friend. Now when I look back I am glad he came into my life because he taught me many things about myself. He showed me my flaws , where I am wrong and where I am not. My in-laws helped me to understand and realise how unique my parents are. I am glad I was born to my supportive parents. Usually when we go through tough times or experience tough people in our lives we realise the value of what we already have. My in-laws also taught me how wrong my perspective was about this world and people. My brother in-law is my sweetheart. He is a guy with special needs…..He is 28 year old, takes care of his basic needs like bathing, dressing himself up, eating, etc. He also gives the best company. If I wouldn’t have met Albin I would not have experienced the company of my brother-in-law Ashwin. He is adorable and there are times when I call him up and talk to him because I miss listening to his daily life stories.

So I have been reading some philosophical books lately like ‘You can heal you life’ by LOUISE MAY, then my therapy book on DBT(Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and Blessed in the Darkness by JOEL OSTEEN. These are good books. They keep me busy. Well there is something I wish to honestly write about is I am struggling with laziness. I am asleep most of the day……..zzzzzzzzz I don’t feel like getting off my warm cozy blanket. There should be something I must do to get off this kind of routine…I am on the verge of finding a new routine. Let’s see how far I succeed.

The therapy book is beautiful. It covers topics on mindfulness, meditation, how to be present in the moment , how to breathe right and also on how to regulate emotions. This has really helped me for I try my best to be in the present moment, breathe well which makes me sleepy (lol-no wonder I sleep so much) and emotions-yes my anger has reduced. I am still far from maintaining a good routine about all this. As of now I just do it whenever my mood says ‘Hey, let’s do this’………routine is a challenge for an individual like me who loves being lazy…….hehehe.

So that is all from my side for today. Bye -bye


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I'm expressive, loving-caring, brutally honest, gulper-gobbler, love food, love to teach, love children, crazy at mind and at heart. Welcome to a weirdly-wired me. Hope you have a pleasant day.😘

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