Visit to Café Bellagio

So it was a lazy Thursday when I was under my cozy blanket and I heard the doorbell ring. Oh I wondered ‘who was it now?’ I thought my dad would attend the door but after the second bell I understood perhaps my dad too was under his cozy blanket , not wanting to get up. Well I pushed the covers away and there I opened the door to greet my dear cousin Sony. I just made a grumpy face and said “Hi, I am going to sleep.” I actually did that. I went back into my blanket, cocooned myself and tried to sleep off happily. I could hear Sony walk around and blabber somethings like ‘hey, don’t sleep wake up’ but I just couldn’t do so. Then after an hour I woke up. It was around 4pm. I saw this girl is sleeping beside me. Guess sleep is contagious. Hehehe.

So I thought of an idea to go out to drink our evening coffee. I woke her up suggested the idea and she said, “good, let us go or else I will sleep off more.” We got up and got ready. She took more time to get dressed, well it was worth it…she was looking pretty after all. I went ahead and made my dad his evening tea and nicely put it to him that Sony and I are planning to go out . He asked, “where?” I said “well just here around the neighbourhood.” He didn’t mind it and gave us the permission. Off we went. We went to the rickshaw stand , got into one and our ride began to Café Bellagio. It is located in Undri. As we reached there, we were welcomed with beautiful smiles and made comfortable into the AC environment. I was super excited. They got us the Menu and cold water. I loved the ambience of this place. The red and white combination felt nice. The sofa at the back looked beautiful. The glass shelf filled with nice colourful pastries made my heart happy. We ordered cold coffee for each other. Sony wanted hazelnut cold coffee and I ordered cold coffee with ice-cream. I enjoyed the coffee taste, it was of good quality and the chocolate in it was tasteful too. Then we ordered paneer peri-peri sandwich, which was to my opinion, okay. Then we tasted tiramisu cupcake………well it was too sweet and okay. But what followed and brought a beautiful end was the Dark Chocolate Pastry. Oh, it was yummy and rich in bitterness of the chocolate. …………..Oh, it just cleaned my whole palate beautifully. I was enjoying this while Sony’s dad called up and scolded her for roaming around instead of packing since she was going to fly that night to Calcutta for her cousin brother Vinoy’s convocation. So she quickly kept the phone and rushed to pay the bill while I was closing my eyes and enjoying every bit of my yummy dark bitter chocolate. She rushed me to eat quickly. I shut my ears, closed my eyes and mindfully (being in the present moment) took the last scoop of that delicious pastry and then had a beautiful smile on my face and asked her ‘ what were you saying?’ hehe

From there we rushed to the counter to fill the feedback book and also clicked a pic with the guy in-charge. Then rushed and caught a rick and reached home safely. Even though my darling sister was in a hurry she said that she felt so happy. Well we both were high on caffeine u see…….we were on the clouds. Hope you guys too have such great days to remember, if not make one…..take care and enjoy.



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I'm expressive, loving-caring, brutally honest, gulper-gobbler, love food, love to teach, love children, crazy at mind and at heart. Welcome to a weirdly-wired me. Hope you have a pleasant day.😘

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