Long time no see….

Hello, dear friends. It has been a long time I haven’t visited my blog. Today when I re-read my articles I have seen a pattern that I blog once a month. So the month I have skipped is September. In future I will definitely try to blog once a month. Kindly excuse the delay. So how have all of you been? Hope all going good. Well I have been busy with getting a final closure to my rocky relationship and also start off an active life.

Almost around first week of September I took a decision to not text nor reply to my husband’s messages, also not to call him. Why I took this decision? Because being friends with your husband and being separated doesn’t go well. Either I wanted to be completely in it or else out of it. Well till date I have been away from any kind of contacts with him. Also in a recent form that I was filling at the skin specialists clinic, I mentioned my marital status as separated. So that’s that.

Well I have been able to take tuitions for few children. It all started in July when Sunil-Shalini decided to go to the Gulf and instead I had to pitch in to teach English to their student, Pooja. She is studying in the Marathi medium (local language of Maharashtra) and she needs help to understand English. So far I am able to teach her well and in the process of teaching her I am getting myself conscious and corrected of using the right words. The day I felt happy was when she said that her teacher asked her to read a passage and she was able to read it. Before, she wasn’t able to and when this time she did read well her teacher gave her a chocolate. I felt so happy that Pooja was making progress. Soon one more boy joined in. His name is Rohit. Last Monday, Vishal and Ganesh joined in too. So that is how my mornings are occupied.

In the evening, I go for yoga classes. This was a good choice I made. It is a wonderful experience. My yoga teacher is so flexible and knowledgeable. Her name is Luluva. She is 6 months pregnant and does yoga amazingly well. She takes care that I have a prolapsed disc and gives me exercises accordingly. Yoga helps me to strengthen my back muscles and also it helps me calm my racing mind. I found a new thing to do while doing yoga. I pray to God while doing my yoga poses….we have to repeat an exercise 20-30 times so I have the peaceful mind and time to talk with God. Also at the end of the yoga session, Luluva asks us to pray for ourselves and the members of the class. I feel it is a soothing practice for the soul.

Also my grandmother has joined my family. She will be staying with us for few weeks. Oh! she is a darling. Now I have an adorable companionship. Oh! the pleasant feeling of having a friend to talk to and not feel alone is beautiful. She suffered from stroke in 2012 …since then she has been on strong meds and the sensitivity of her legs have been reduced. So walking has been limited. However, this Saturday she followed me slowly-slowly ,wherever I would go to household chores. So while dusting it felt like I had a supervisor behind me all the time. It was hilarious. Then we clicked a picture since me, my mom and my granny were coincidently wearing green coloured clothes. My granny and me have meals together. She always peeps into my plate to see if there is any special item that I am eating. She can’t eating spicy food so her food is yellowish in colour (due o turmeric) and bland while ours will be red and spicy….so that’s where she feels ‘hey, girl you have something different out there.’

Later in the evening, my aunt and uncle from Pimpri (a place 45 mins away from us) came over. We all sat and chit-chatted with our lil gorgeous granny. After that we had dandiya dance going on in the society. Also food stalls were put up.

Soon my cousins and me made up a plan to have dinner at my second home ( Sunil-Shalini’s house). We bought food from the food stall and went upstairs. It was ten in the night by the time we started to eat. We spoke on so many topics. Life, hardships, fun etc…..that is when Sunil bhaiya(elder brother) reminded me of how I ain’t writing anymore in my blog…and that is how I ended up here today. 😍☺️

Take care…Lots of love💜


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I'm expressive, loving-caring, brutally honest, gulper-gobbler, love food, love to teach, love children, crazy at mind and at heart. Welcome to a weirdly-wired me. Hope you have a pleasant day.😘

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