Then there are those days…

Hey guys, how are you’ll doing? Last 3.5 weeks have been good for me when it comes to the routine I was talking about in my earlier article. However this week I have been down in the dumps. Feeling blue most of the time. It’s as if serotonin and dopamine, the happy chemicals of my brain, have gone for a long vacation. I don’t feel like waking up and doing normal chores. It’s as if I am exhausted doing a lot of things. Well to all out there fighting depressive symptoms or even remotely close to this, I wanna say give it space and time. Only days can heal you. Don’t fight it too hard. Let it go. Sleep as much as you can. Relax as much as you can. A fresh start is about to come. I am waiting to be recharged again and begin on my weight loss journey. Right now I am just hovering at 77.7kg. Once I get out of my cocoon I’ll be back to my goal filled life.

Till then, I’m gonna take it easy.

Goodbye. Jen